Friday, 24 September 2010

Heroic Hats

The definition of a hat is "A shaped covering for the head." Whether it's keeping your head warm, or shading you from the sun's rays, hats have been around for thousands of years. One of the first hats appeared in the early Egyptian times.

In fashion, hats aren't always about practicality, but about their aesthetic.
One of my favourite hat designers is the fabulous Philip Treacy. Treacy has been designing head-wear for a number of years, and celebs such as Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker have worn his ensembles, making hats more of a fashion statement.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Flower and
Butterfly ensemble
Lady Gaga in Lobster Hat
Hats are now an art form, and to create a mind blowing bonnet in the 21St century you have to have a unique style and concept. 

Jodie Kidd in a Louis Mariette Hat
A Jo Gordan Bonnet
Aside from the avant-garde headgear above, hats we can wear out to the shops include straw trilby's, tweed flat caps and old classic knitted hats. You could even attempt to knit your own hat for the coming winter, which is fast approaching!

Marc Jacobs Straw Hat
Chanel Knitted Hat
So whether it's an abstract fascinator at some ones wedding, or a thick woolly beanie in the snow, make sure you get your hands on a lovely hat soon!
No matter what style, shape, colour, texture or height of hat, hat's will never be out of fashion. So yet another key item that will forever be in our hearts.

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